GamingBolt’s Community Policy

Welcome to the GamingBolt community guidelines. Outlined below is what we deem acceptable behavior in our comments section. This is a living and breathing document and as our site and community continues to grow, this document will be built upon to suit the needs of the outlet and the community.

Striking a balance between acceptable conversation and an inappropriate one is no easy task, especially when you consider how much content is published on GamingBolt on a daily basis. It is, in reality, a job in and of itself. With that being said, we try our best to make sure that we swiftly remove comments that we feel are inappropriate.

Personal Attacks and Name Calling: We are sure that in your day to day life (outside of the internet) you wouldn’t go out of your way to ruin someones day by insulting or attacking them on a personal level. We won’t tolerate that kind of behavior here either. This includes (and is not limited to) racial, derogatory and sexist insults; and going forward will also include using words like troll, xbot, pauper, etc.

Publishers / Developers: We love gaming and do our best to support those on the creative and product side of the fence. Criticism is a good thing that can make the games that we play better so if a policy or feature is rubbing you the wrong way, you are free to discuss that in a civil manner as long as it is on topic with the article. However, we will not allow personal attacks against developers or publishers of any kind.

NSFW: Stay away from posting any kind of pornographic, gore, or gross material in general. Linking to it is also a no-no. A good rule of thumb here is anything beyond PG-13 is probably a bad idea.

Trolling: If you’re going into articles simply to shake things up by posting completely off topic comments or flame-baiting other readers who may find the content useful, prepare yourself for your posts to suddenly disappear. Instigating “console war” or “PC Master Race” conversations in the comments will also call the attention of moderators.

Feeding Trolls: Just don’t do it. Any back and forth with a troll will also be deleted just to keep that kind of useless conversation off of GamingBolt. If there’s a repeat-offender troll running amok on the site throughout various posts, we will escalate the situation by skipping any warnings and go straight to a ban. As a member of the community you can do your part by reporting this kind of behavior to a mod or by email. Also, make sure to flag those kinds of comments.

Site Bashing: GamingBolt is just one of many video game news and enthusiast outlets on the internet. If you’re not happy with it or the way that it operates you’re free to try other places for your gaming needs. Don’t go out of your way to bash the site as it is disrespectful to all of the people who dedicate their time to make this the best site that it can be.

Spam: Whether it’s done by a regular person or a bot, it’s not going to fly in our comments. Any off-topic self promotion about your personal projects, YouTube channel, Twitch stream, etc, will find itself deleted.

Contact: Report comments that violate the above mentioned policies or any other questions at admin at Please note that we have the right to approve, disapprove and even delete comments if they do not follow under our guidelines.

– Staff